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Billboard features Wanted: Joe Gibbs


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Billboard features Wanted: Joe Gibbs


Associated Press

Dallas - Newly rehired Washington coach Joe Gibbs is "wanted" by more than just Redskins fans.

A billboard along a busy Dallas highway is touting the rivalry between the Cowboys and the Redskins -- now that Gibbs is back on the scene.

Gibbs retired following the 1992 season after leading the Redskins to their only three Super Bowl titles. He returned as coach of the Redskins on January seventh.

Now some Cowboys fan has paid to put up a billboard -- styled like a "WANTED" post -- with a photo of Joe Gibbs.

The message says, quote: "WANTED, by Cowboys fans for conspiring against America's team."

The billboard company confirms the person who paid for the sign is a Cowboys fan -- but his or her name isn't being made public.

W-F-A-A television reports the person who paid for the billboard -is not- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

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CryGirl fans are scared sh*tless. This is one of the greatest, most rewarding aspects of Gibbs Part II. It will only get better.

Now, if the NFL wants some explosive ratings, they'll drop their pathetic rules forbiding player celebrations and welcome the coming of Fun Bunch II. Can you just imagine the feeling of watching Coles & Co. dancing on top of that filthy, disgusting blue star?

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Originally posted by panthro

Sweet! I love it. I'd love to see a pic of that sign. Any skins fans in that area who can post a pic???

Hell, if I lived near it I would be glad to..........right before I lobed a molotov ****tail at the damn thing

:dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck

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