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Am sick of redskins haters


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Am 17 an i love the skins ever since i was born. W hen i got older i finally understand the game. Well first their was norv turner he sucked the only time we got to the playoffs was an 1999 but they lost and the playoffs dont remember the score but thats okay. 2001 norv was fired terry robiskie was interim head coach he suck. marty shotheimer got of a 0-5 start yeah that pissed me off but am a diehard skins fan so i watch all of them week 6 aginst the panthers lavar gets the interception we win then they win 4 stright go 8-8. steve spurrier we know about him he sucks 2years of hell run the dame ball you idiot how hard is that . Well he's gone 12-20 and like 2-10 in the divison that sucks . Am glad hes gone lets get to business Gibbs is back i was to young to know who he is but i know one thing he's the best coach ever . I love the skins I really hope they do good this year. Hail To the redskins hail victory braves on the warpath fight for old d.c

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