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One little point about this team in general going forward.....I DON'T GIVE A F*** WHO'S RUNNING THE SHOW IN ALL HONESTY. What I do want to see however is a serious committment to long-term winning and not partial fixes. Really alot of bickering lately is who's fault it is....really does it matter. It looks more and more like the the FO arrangement is going to be kept in place for the near future....and it absolutely can succeed (this coming from a guy that is not as high on Cerrato/Snyder as say Art).

But these clowns better start realizing very quickly that the big name aquisitions arn't getting it done for a variety of reason whether its over paying certain individuals so you can't sign other, coaching turnover, whatever. The fact is, the Redskins have become the team you come to if you want to get paid (or a ME ME ME enviroment with the big name players)....and thats fine, as long as you don't forget about developing players and role players at other positions......and something I think this team has done a horrible job with the past 10 years (and I know this time frame does go beyond just Snyders time).

But when looking at some other teams (aka the Eagles), they have become rooted in the thought that you don't need all the pricey guys to make plays....you can let a Trotter walk and still win (and survive). Know I know this goes beyond just the FO picking these guys up, and for the most part is dependent on coaching.....but when you have a situation (or created an atmosphere) where you have consistent coaching turnover (regardless of whoevers fault it is), their is no way to develop consistent role players, or players to school to get the most out of them. And this is something that better be addressed in the next Head Coach, and the next draft. This was not Spurrier's forte, and to his defense he pretty much alluded to it in his opening press conference.....he really want to just call plays and not worry about the finer points of running a team which include overseeing the defense and special teams.

Anyway bickering aside, this is my :2cents: and I hope that the FO realizes this and takes us to a level where posters on this board won't have avater's with bags over their heads.


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