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New GM?


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Cerrato is a god-damn clown!!!! This organization is so messed up, I'm embarassed to tell people I'm a 'skins fan, because I know what they'll say everytime...we need changes at the top of the organization, and until that happens, we're doomed to have seasons like this. It doesn't matter who the coach is, as long as puppet-master Snyder is controlling everything, the 'Skins are screwed.

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I've been saying we need a GM in here for a while now. Snyder is totally underqualified to be evaluating talent and picking guys for the team. Vinny is Snyder's little yes-man and doesn't have the sack to go against Danny-boy. We need a GM that knows football and isn't afraid to tell Snyder that he's a clueless dope when it comes to running the football side of the team. Stick to signing checks, and marketing the team.

As far as Redskin Alumni as a GM.... Nah. Unless of course they have front office experience and are proven in the personnel side of football. Just becuase you've played the game doesn't mean it will translate off the field. Just look a Matt Millen in Detroit.

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