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Aren't We All Glad...

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That this side show is over? I'm so tired of all the contradictory statements SS has made in his 2 year tenure here with the Skins. Im tired of him crying about Wuerffel. I'm tired of him no sacking up and disciplining his players when they made onfield and off-field mistakes. I'm tired of the aw-shucks routine. I'm sick and tired of hearing that he was a victim. The guy dug his own grave period. SS is a glorified offensive coordinator. That's what we got out of this experience with the Ole Ball Coach. The guy has proven he doesn't know how to handle a team. How many reports are we going to read about him not working with any other players, or even knowing their names that weren't QB's or WR's? I'm tired of him switching our offensive strategy everytime it doesn't work. Earth to jackass! The people on the other side of the ball playing you??? They get paid too! Your grand ole scheme isn't going to work all the time.

I could go on and on about this 3 ring circus we have here in DC. But why waste my breath. We all know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm just glad this misery is over for the sake of all of us Skins fans. We can sit back and take a deep breath and say...it can't get any worse than this.... THANK GOD ITS OVER!

:moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon:

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