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OT: WSU vs Texas


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Although it's not a great game and Texasis getting abused, I've gotten to watch a number of prospects. Interestingly, it's a guy I've never heard of that's impressed me the most.

Erik Coleman is his name, and he plays Safety for Washington State. This guy is an absolute monster on defense. He hits like a ton of bricks, plays great in coverage, and blitzes like Dawkins. He has 7 INTs this season (although it is the PAC-10), and over 70 tackles. I think he could be a real keeper in the 2nd-3rd rounds. Who knows, if he gets to be a hot name amongst the scouts, he could rise much further.

Roy Williams looks horrible. He hasn't done anything of note, and he looks awfully slow (Gardner-like speed). I wouldn't even consider spending a first round pick on him.

Marcus Tubbs, who plays at a position of desperate need for us (DT), does not impress me much either. He is not collapsing the pocket much, and Texas is not stopping the run well either. Tubbs just looks slow.

Nathan Vasher, the Texas CB, hits hard, but seems to get lost in coverage too often for a supposed elite corner. Not first round quality IMO.

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