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Eagles Familiar with Redskins QB


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Eagles Are Quite Familiar With Redskins QB

Dec 25, 5:12 PM (ET) Email this Story


PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Tim Hasselbeck could put his knowledge of the Philadelphia Eagles to good use this week.

Hasselbeck, who spent the last two training camps with the Eagles and went to the NFC championship game with them last year, will make his fifth straight start at quarterback for the Washington Redskins on Saturday.

The Redskins (5-10) stand in the way of a third-consecutive NFC East title and first-round playoff bye for Philadelphia (11-4).

Hasselbeck was among the final cuts by the Eagles in August and eventually signed with the Redskins in October. He took over as the starter after Patrick Ramsey went down with a foot injury in November.

"He's playing well for them," Eagles coach Andy Reid said Thursday.

Hasselbeck, a third-year player from Boston College, has completed 74 of 145 passes for 820 yards, five touchdowns and six interceptions this season.

He rebounded well from a miserable performance against Dallas two weeks ago in which he finished with a 0 quarterback rating to record a rating of 128 against Chicago last week.

Hasselbeck holds no grudges against the Eagles for letting him go twice. He credits the Eagles for helping in his development.

"Anytime you have a chance to play your old team, you want to go out and play well," Hasselbeck said. "There's a lot of added incentive there."

Two years ago, Hasselbeck was in a close battle with A.J. Feeley for Philadelphia's No. 3 quarterback spot behind Donovan McNabb and Koy Detmer.

Feeley won the job in a close race, but Hasselbeck was brought back when McNabb and later Detmer were injured. He appeared in two games late in the season as a holder and was Feeley's backup when McNabb and Detmer were out.

Entering this past training camp, Hasselbeck knew he wouldn't make the team unless there was an injury. He performed well enough in the preseason to get a call from Washington almost two months into the season.

"He understood that his situation here was to kind of build himself a resume, to get on tape in the preseason," Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress said. "He did a good job with that, getting on the field and moving it around a little bit. Obviously, somebody took notice of that.

"Tim does a great job of playing within himself. He knows what he can do, he knows what he can't do. He's smart. He knows where his reads are, and he's very good with game management. I'm glad to see him having success."

Hasselbeck's older brother, Matt, is having an outstanding season as Seattle's quarterback. Their father, Don, played tight end for New England.

"Certainly, they're a good bloodline," Childress said. "They know how to play the game. They know what's happening back there. They're very clear-eyed guys."

Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is concerned with Hasselbeck's familiarity with Philadelphia's defense. He also thinks it could work as an advantage for the Eagles.

"He knows our defense. He's very intelligent. He's a pro. He's a very smart quarterback," Johnson said. "(But) we kind of know Timmy. We know his strengths and we know his weaknesses, too."

McNabb said Hasselbeck just needed an opportunity to showcase his abilities.

"Tim is an excellent athlete," McNabb said. "He comes from a great conference in the Big East and he's seen a lot of good competition. Everyone talks about his brother, but he has some skills, as well. He's able to go out there and communicate and have his timing down with the receivers. When he's hot, he's hot. We have to apply a lot of pressure to him. He's seen a lot of our blitzes from being over here."

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McNabb: Big East = Great Conference.:rotflmao:

It's so great it will probably be extinct in a year or two!

Parcells was probably not referring to QB when saying the Redskins had the most talent in the division. Please! Our starter didn't make 3rd string on the Eagles. I don't mean this as a shot at Hasselbeck, just our front office.

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