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happy about at 5-8 with no postseason again BUT, i am happy with most of our off-season aquisitions. Coles, Thomas, Hall and Morton are very positive and effective additions. Chad Morton has been less spectacular than he might have been due to our mediocre blocking (IMHO). but these four are keepers.

while Upshaw is a solid player all-around (and coming off knee surgery), i think the skins seriously overestimated his pass-rushing ability. he is not the dynamic force they needed and will need to play with a stud DT beside him to become a pass-rushing threat. Trung Canidate is a good explosive player but not real durable. he is a decent but not great receiver. i like what he brings but you will always need another good back to alternate with him.

Rob Johnson was a disaster, most of us knew it. why the skins didn't is a mystery. Fiore knee was, is and may always be a concern. Did they gamble to much with him. don't know yet. his best role may be as a backup at several positions.

Brandon Noble - its a risk you take and we got burned, i doubt he comes back - ouch.

Matt Bowen - he a big upgrade for us at safety. hopefully he'll get better and not kill himself.

Jermaine Haley - didn't get many games from him ,expected a little more of a difference maker inside based of what i read. seems just average.

considering the above reviews ,i wonder why we sucked?

anyway, hurray for the jetskins, look forward to seeing you next year.

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