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WANTED- (2) Redskins vs Eagles Tickets

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Hello all,


My wife and I are coming into town from Florida for the Eagles game and need tickets. She's never been to a pro game, let alone a Redskins game, so I'm hoping to get some good seats for a fair price. My family and I came to the Cardinals game in 2011 and went to the tailgate and had a blast. I'm also personal friends with Kenny (the guy with the cape) and Eddie (iMeast) just in case you don't know who I am, they can vouch for me (I don't post on here much but have been a member for a while).  Let me know if anyone has any for sale! Thanks!

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I have 2 seats in Section 107 Row 16 Seats 5 and 6. I was looking to sell these only because I have a couple more people who want to go to the home opener and was thinking of trying to get all of the seats together. But plans have changed and looks like I'll be keeping my 2 seats and buying 2 other seats in a section nearby. 


If anything changes on my end I will be in touch with you.



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