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What was up with the penalty?

Ignatius J.

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what really was up with that penalty to give dallas the lead? "Jamming the signals" had anyone heard of this before or is this just another name for the penalty where dallas doesn't score a touchdown against the redskins in redzone?

I mean, this didn't cost us the game, but really, wtf?


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I imagine Pierce was using a remote controlled hand held jamming device. Personally, I prefer the Mobile Ground-to-Air Radar Jamming System or (MGARJS). More reliability, plus greater range and flexibility than your typical wireless handheld job. The downside is it would be pretty difficult to hide one of these babies in Texas Stadium.


The Mobile Ground-to-Air Radar Jamming System (MGARJS) is designed to provide electronic warfare field suport capability to protect high-value targets and installations. The system provides:

Air surveillance, acquisition, and analysis of airborne radar systems

Directed electronic countermeasures to deny the effective use of those radar systems

Radar track integration with air defense networks

The MGARJS consists of mobile stations placed strategically about high-value installations. The exact complement of station types and quantities is tailored to the mission requirements. An electronic support measures subsystem provides initial interception and tracking of the target radar systems and commands the electronic countermeasure subsystems to track and jam airborne radar systems. The system is configured to minimize activation time.

A mobile field maintenance station provides support to other stations and also can act as a communication relay node if the deployment scenario requires.

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