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Game Prediction Contest?


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Originally posted by Om:

(Hope I'm not jumping the gun here, Blade, but seems like this might be a good time to mention this.)

I believe we are still planning to run the "Game Prediction Contest" we talked about a couple of months back this coming season, and the winner will ultimately be rewarded with his very own "THE MAN" ranking to wear for a full year.

And I believe that the icon for said "Man" is going to be none other than ... Joe Gibbs.

Look for more info on this Coming Attraction to be posted soon.


Om, you posted the above in the Lombardi icon thread. Please let us know more about this. For example, when would you submit your predictions (weekly, or all at once in the preseason) and how do you determine who's the winner?

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"The Man" Competition will have its own forum like our previous mock draft and draft-guessing competition.

The rules will be posted as an announcement (click on the link next to the referee) on the top of the board everyone to see.

Om has sent me the final draft of the rules and they are excellent... It looks like fun. As we discussed a while back, the winner of the game will have Joe Gibbs a.k.a. "The Man" Icon to adorn his posts for the next year... at which time hopefully we will do it all over again.

We'll have the new forum created before the preseason starts. Looking forward to everyone's participation.

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Excellent, Smithers!


<IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/joe_gibbs/joegibbs_images/driver_prof_joe.jpg" border=0><IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/current_season/jgr_wc_18/jgr_wc_18_images/car/bobby_car_race.gif" border=0><IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/current_season/jgr_wc_20/jgr_wc_20_images/car/drive_pontiac_tony.gif" border=0>

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