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London Fletcher Supports Jim Haslett

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Let%u2019s see I listened to the interview and read the article and not once did I hear Haslett%u2019s name mentioned. Fletcher never supported Haslett but did say that he and other players loved playing for Mike Shanahan. Fellow Redskin fans I%u2019d like someone to tell me why Haslett still has a job on our team other than him belonging to the Good Old Boys Club.

I checked his record and he has never coached a 3-4 defense or even played on another team that ran a 3-4 defense in the NFL before coming here. He has been in the NFL since 1996 except the year before coming to our team. No NFL team hired him.(go figure)

Haslett%u2019s record shows after taking over as defensive coordinator or coaching the first year the team does ok, but the following years his teams seam to spiral downhill. I can only conclude that he doesn%u2019t know how to draft or he doesn%u2019t know how to couch.

I blame Mike Shanahan for this one, he should have did what our parents told us not to do %u201CIf It ain%u2019t broke then don%u2019t f**k with it%u201D and most of you remember our defense was just fine, It was our offense that was broke%u2026 think about it, am I missing something here? I%u2019m looking for some good reasons why Jim Haslett still has a coaching job on our team%u2026. H e l p%u2026.

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