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FS: Redskins Leg Room for only $200


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Do you thank the airline Gods when you have an exit row or bulkhead seat?


Does the thought of sitting in the middle of the row trigger severe PTSD?


Are you mad that people under 5'5 get to fully enjoy every seat in the damn world - even if it's the MIDDLE one?


I got your tickets then.  Oh man, will your knees enjoy the leg room.  It's even padded cushion seats so your butt can get in on the comfort - talk about a sweet experience!


Check out some of these recent reviews:


"Wow.  These are amazing.  I won't sit anywhere else" -Gheorghe Mureșan


"WE ALL FINALLY AGREE ON SOMETHING, these seats are top notch." - US Senate


"This." - random internet guy


So friends, let your knees enjoy the game.  Let your butt sit on a cushion seat.  Enjoy the aisle.  It's several wet dreams wrapped up into one for those over 6'5.


With this purchase of leg room, I will throw in a Skins game - Club Level section 336.  49ers, KC, Giants are left.  We can also discuss next year if you want.

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