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1st I wanna talk abour our return game. How come valuable greats like Deion Sanders can return all the punts but an older slot guy like Moss cant? How come todays stars like Antonio Brown, Patriick Peterson, TY Hilton, & Sproles but we have to get guys who have never done it in the pros, no shiftiness, no break away speed, and cant even judge how to catch a ball? I could see if Moss were still the #1 guy here but he's not a huge factor for us. We are talking about  a team who is hit or miss on Offense right now so a big return could win us a a game.


The same for KR's. What took so long to give Paul a try? I just dont get our coaches. Back to Moss, I kinda think they gave Morgan the return jobs because they felt stupid for paying him all that money and wanted it to payoff some how. They also didnt want him to pout. Now he was so bad that they had no choice but to bench him. What are you saving Moss for? He probably wont even be here next year. I heard Morgan before the game saying that Nick Williams is the one who taught him how to return kicks. That explains everything......lol


Now onto the wr's. Look, I know guys practice in certain spots but I refuse to believe that guys are too dumb or have so much of a workload that they dont know all the wr routes. Its upsetting to me that a guy like Robinson is bascially the backup #1. Its like he can only really play if Garcon is out the game. How come he cant play at the 2nd receiver spot? I dont get it. It made me mad that its only Hank & Morgan there and when the coaches said they wanted to get Rob on the field more, they ended up taking Garcon out the game to get him in. What kinda sense does that make?


Also, I dont think people noticed but when Hank got hurt and had no Morgan as a backup, we actually switched and made Rob the #1wr and moved Garcon to #2. Im guessing he's the only one smart enough to learn 2 positions, Shoot, I always use to even want Rob to learn how to play in the slot. I know thats a lil different and maybe even harder to learn but you cant keep old guys like Moss & Fletcher in big roles. He shouldve been studying to replace Moss. I dont get it

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