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No Limitations For Robert Griffin Iii Running

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Lets hope that he really has learned to get down or out of bounds instead of taking a hit at the end of a 15 yard run. I hate seeing him take contact trying to fight for 3 more yards, around the goal line I understand but LBs getting a clean shot on the QB is never a good thing. That being said he is nearly unstoppable in the red zone and I can't wait to watch him suRG3ically take apart defenses again. WE WANT DALLAS!!!! HTTR

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I don't have access to replays of the Raven's game....but...didn't Robert slide on the play where he got injured? My recollection was that he was sliding...or at least getting down on the turf and his leg (i.e knee) just happened to hit the BIG GUY awkwardly.....right?



1st off, I love your handle. It's a good one. 2nd of all you're correct. He was in the middle of sliding when Nogata came in & slammed into his knee. It was a legal hit, nothing dirty. Don't worry though, he's learned his lesson. That won't happen again.



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