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The Pistol And Read -Option R Here To Stay Run Rg3 Run !

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The subject of potential changes to the highly successful scheme (first in the NFL in rushing, first in yards per play) is in reaction to the perception that it subjects Robert Griffin III to too much punishment. His running and handling the ball near the line of scrimmage makes him a target for the big-body types who roam there.


My take is this, RG3 is doing exactly what he was acquired to do. Robert runs the redskins high energy potent offense masterfully . The Redskin offense is predicated on punishing over eager defenses with big plays and befuddling them so they hesitate to slow the running plays.


RG3's Versatility ,Speed and Accurate Passing are what make him a unique quarterback. 


Football isn't a game for the fearful, it's designed to be played at full speed


Play your Game Rg3 .....Run Rg3 Run,,,,,,then Duck :D  :D 







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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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