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Whats up playas....

Congrats on getting up and running and looks like you have a good group. Good news is the easy part was forming and bad news is there will be challenges along the way. I see you guys are useing league manager and the plus side of that is its free but when we were using it the site was down alot, Randomly would screw up all the players contracts, Alot of false promises from the guy that runs it. I made the decision to move our league off of League Manager to XFN when i felt confident our league was serious and i had a dedicated group and have not looked back.Our League also began useing the Extremeskins online league forum as our main forum for league business but as the threads mount and things get cluttered you realize your going to need your own space to keep everything organized and have the ability for admin and moderation control. The forums on League manager and xfn were barely used since everyone here is comfortable and likes Extremeskins so much. I realized we had to have a forum site that gave you some of the same options as ES versus the basics provided in league manager to get owners to use them and its been perfect so far. When you have to start filling spots with new owners ( it will happen) that are not extremeskins members its easier to get them to join madden forums rather than a es i have found.

Im offering our help if you guys need it so dont hesitate to ask for anything. I would also like to extend a invite for your league to have your own space on our forums and give your commisioners admin/moderator control to manage every aspect of that space for you guys. The benefit for us is im trying to get good madden leagues together in a central place. I think it would be cool since regardless of the system we can still all discuss and build the general madden section since the game mechanics are identical and still maintaining indepedent commissioners running their leagues. We have 2 xbox leagues going now and we discussed adding a ps3 league and a extremeskins ps3 league is even better.

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