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New Skinscast Episode - Fire it up


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The Washington Redskins played a competitive game for almost an hour, until a total collapse led to an ignominious defeat at the hands of Rex Ryan and his New York Jets.

But nobody is really talking about that.

This week the boys discuss the four-game suspensions of Fred Davis and Trent Williams for testing positively no fewer than three times for marijuana. And this over the course of just four months. They examine what it means for the team the rest of the way, as well as the impact to a player such as Davis, who is a free agent at the end of the season.

Will the team seek to re-sign him, or let him go as a lesson?

Segment two is first and foremost a discussion on quarterbacks, and who this team should pursue. Other areas of need are discussed and oh yea; there is another game this weekend so we may as well offer predictions.

Then Pappas asks where it all went wrong.

Special guest and "Washington Redskins: The Complete Illustrated History" author David Elfin joins the gang for a couple segments and almost manages to escape with his reputation intact.


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