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Eagles have folded

Son of Gadsden

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I am folding from the league. I dropped the last league for the same reason, figured i would try this one because its more active and fun, and the games were just that. Learned a lot, made some friends, it's been real. But im in the middle of building a house, among my crazy hours at work, gunsmithing, and everything else i have going on (including living with my fiancee' which seems to be one of the biggest obstacles of all), and the schedule just isnt working out. I feel like im just making things harder for other members who do have time to schedule games. I was already booted so LL could play CPU, so the Redskins should be able to play the CPU without the commish's approval since i am submitting mine here.

Sorry for any inconveniences I may have caused. Have fun guys, you've got something cool going on here.

P.S. Good luck on that undefeated record, Ravens. I WILL be watching for that. haha.

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