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Skins Problems NFL Comparison


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The Green Bay Packers right now the Golden Standard of the NFL went to Minnesota this week and played the Vikings with a rookie QB starting his first game and they got 27 put up on them and their defense.

The Redskins went down to Carolina facing a rookie QB and they got 33 points put up on them.

The difference between these two teams is that the Green Bay Packers where able to outscore the Vikings 33-27. If Ponder keeps playing like that and puts up those kind of points against the Redskins then he will be the next rookie QB to beat the Redskins on December 24. When Green Bay faced Carolina they where able to beat them 30- 23.

Over the next couple of years fans will realize that the day's of the dominating defense are gone look at the MNF game last night New Orleans put up 62 points on the Indianapolis Colts the rules highly favor the offense.

The Redskins won't be good until they start to invest Talent on the offensive side of the ball we have continued to draft players high to help the Defense fro Laron, Brian, Ryan and even going back to Carlos Rogers. When we drafted Carlos Rodgers we could have easily elected to have drafted Aaron Rodgers. Instead we drafted two players in the first round that year and we decided to go with Defense first and Offense Second.

In today's NFL no team can compete week in and week out unless they have an offense that can score points consistently. When the skins get down by 10 or more points in a game I know that we have already lost the game. From Green Bay, New Orleans and the Patriots they have serviceable to great defenses but it is their offenses that make them among the best teams in the league.

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