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Why our season rests on the right leg of one player (Graham Gano)


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For you to agree with this post, you have to agree with the fact this team has and for the most part had talent. The issues have stemmed from:

  1. Stability
  2. Failure to close out games
  3. kicking

We're starting to gain stability and in fact we're about as close to having the same team year to year as you can get in 2011. So, no it's not perfect but it'll get better as the season goes on.

We are closing out games now, or at least finding ways to win when we mess up. Now, we're one game in but we would not have won that game last year. We would have given up two 4th quarter TD's. It would have happened because this team didn't know how to win. We now have players who don't only want to win but they need to win. Most of these guys won't make a career with this type of salary ever again if they're cut. They're not superstars, so no, they don't have lifetime guarantees to play. It showed yesterday when they shut out the Giants in the second half. It also showed when they beat the Steelers and Colts in the pre-season. They kept fighting to the final whistle and didn't get complacent with their leads.

So that leaves kicking. Let's not kid ourselves, the kicking has been the worst part of our team since John Hall. I know you win games by scoring TD's but you still need to take the points when you get them. Considering most of our games are close missing fg's will only hurt us, and because the games are so close they have a bigger impact then they do on most teams.

So here I am, posting a thread on extremeskins saying that Graham Gano is the key to our season. If he performs, we are a serious threat to win it all. If he doesn't, we won't do anything.


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