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WTB: 49ers Nov. 6th AAA Ultimate Tailgate Fanzone Passes (2)


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Why sell your AAA Ultimate Fan Zone Passes to some fan from another team when there is a BORN AND BRED REDSKINS FAN originally from inside the Beltway who is right here to take them off your hands!

I am travelling in from out of town for the 49ers vs. REDSKINS game on Nov 6th. I already have my tickets and parking, but as this is the only game I will get to see live for the first time since Darrell Green retired, I'd like to make it a special trip and find a pair of AAA Ultimate Fan Zone Passes!

As I live out of the area (still in VA!!), meeting would be difficult (but not totally impossible). I do have a verified paypal account and would be able to send money to another verified paypal account + enough to cover shipping!

Please let me know if you can help a fellow SKINS fan out!!


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