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New Skinscast Episode - Something to talk about


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New Skinscast Episode - Something to talk about

The boys are biding their time, waiting for the league and players to get their act together and finalize the new CBA.

There is plenty to talk about in the meantime however. Pappas asks Reffkin to wave a wand and make it better. Jack Anderson joins the gang and they explore the recent rumors on free agents and who the Redskins need to target in the first hours.

On the Writer’s Roundtable, John Keim explores the conjecture Albert Haynesworth may stick around (not) and what the real trade value of Donovan McNabb is. Rick Snider talks about what we can expect in terms of a deal getting done to end the lockout, and how crazy it will get. And we even find a little time to talk solar.

Washington Representative for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee and longtime Redskins beat reporter David Elfin stops by and explains how the selection process works, and how he was able to get in four Redskins in four years. Then there’s the question of which former Redskins great may be next.


Also available at http://www.footballnewsnow.com

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