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Office Homefront Thread


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Guess I'll start with a review of the game..

If you enjoy an immersive Single Player campaign then you will be greatly disappointed with Homefront.. I beat the campaign in a little over an hour I'd guess. Which is a shame because the setting and story lend itself to some really great story telling.

Anyway I think most of us care about the multiplayer. Which is imo very good.. Is it MW2 / Blackops good? I think so.. I don't think it's better mechanically but on par. The difference is the maps I've played are really well done, vehicles are in the game in a way that makes sense and not just thrown in because it'd be cool to have them.

There are a ton of perks that can be used and earned.. There are no kill streaks that I've seen.. You unlock and assign certain kill streak type things to each class you have and when you've earned enough Battle points in a match you can purchase these things. Some are akin to predator missles or air strikes.

If it has a draw back I'd say Sniping is WAAAY to easy. There is very little wobble when sniping so being accurate is very easy.. Still if you stay on the move it will take a good sniper to hit you.

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