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Jordan Retro 11 cool greys size 13 mens


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I am at work until 10 pm I will post pics when I get home. I bought them from 23isback .com which is a real reputable Jordan selling website. Also if you would like to take a look at them first thats also no problem Im off all weekend and live in the woodbridge...Like I said they have never been worn and in mint condition. I know I could easily get $300 on ebay but Im strapped for the cash they retail for $170 + shipping so really this is a great deal especially since there sold out everywhere. I hate to let them go but I really need the cash.

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I've always wondered if that site 23isback.com was legit or not. I've read reviews that said it is and some that swore they were the most fake Jordans ever. Have you ordered many from them?
Ordered from them twice there defineately legit I bought a pair of the cool grey 11's from them and ordered a pair from eastbay on the release date there exactly the same. The jumpman the ball lines up perfectly centered in the middle of the 23 there is a space in between the 23 and the carbon fiber is defineately real carbon fiber....Ive read alot about how to spot fake jordan 11's...Theres no doubt in my mind that 23isback.com is a legit selling site.
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