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A quick little project I worked on

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I really like this Diehard. It remeinds me of Left's old grungy style. I think you don't need the lights on top they take your eye off the render but I like it.

It reminds me of the Madden Covers. Take what you did and put it on a madden cover I think it would look great.

If you put this on a white background, remove the lights and try to remove more of the original background. Just leave banks and that paint effect behind him this would look great.

Its been a long time since I've seen the grungy look, the only person that would do that was Left. I really like it Diehard.

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Ah SOUP, are you getting centimental on me? I forgot about that grungy style I used to do. After reading this I might just go back and work on some grungy stuff. I do miss that dirty look. I've been looking at the walls I've been making recently and just thinking something is missing. I guess I'm getting bored with the clean look. Thanks SOUP for inspiring me...

Oops, great job by the way Die.hard. I really like it. I would have to agree with SOUP, take the lights out for sure. It does take away from Banks.

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