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NFL Playoffs: Reports Of The Death Of The 4-3 Defense Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (Skins mentioned)


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This is a great article about comparing the two defenses, and has some solid advice at the conclusion.

"This examination becomes extremely interesting when you start looking at the AFC side of things, and immediately the first thing that jumps out at you is the exact opposite nature of the types of defenses that made the playoffs. While the NFC had five 4-3's and a single 3-4, the AFC has five 3-4's and a single 4-3, but it's important to look deeper at the teams further down the list as well as the one who made it as t that's where the differences may be found. The 4-3 defenses in the AFC may not have made the playoffs, but they did slightly better statistically than their 3-4 counterparts in the NFC. The total win-loss record isn't going to translate over well due to the greater number of teams, but the percentage should illustrate the point just fine. 4-3 teams as a whole in the AFC racked up a 42 - 54 record, or .438 record. What's that actually break down to? About a half game difference, statistically significant perhaps, but much more likely to just be noise based on the 3-4 fielded by the Redskins."

Also check out the comments for a few more points from the author.


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