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Potato Sack

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With the exception of Ramsey and a few others, most of the 1st team didn't play at all, which is why it didn't surprise me we lost.

I still feel we start out at least 3-1. We have a great chance as long as Ramsey doesn't get injured. That would be the end. We have no back up for this guy. NONE! You guys saw how well Tweedle-DEE and Tweedle-DUMB@SS did last night.

I'm positive about our success as a team this year. But, thinking about who backs up our QB turns the bright colors of winning into a shade of grey.

I hate that feeling.

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Originally posted by SkinsThug

GoSkins, that is an excellent quote from Dr. Z, the supreme moron of all football writers.

Yeh...he is a moron. Someone actually posted a thread in which that quote appeared. I liked it so much, I made it my sig. It gives me hope that even a team bashed for all their inconsistencies and under-achievements can rise up and show what they're all about.

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