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Has Free agency Killed Football/Sports chp.2 ?


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Yes! maybe not killed the interest, but it has definitely diminished and lowered the passion for the game. Not only in Football, but all sports were high salaries are involved. It's something that DieHard mentioned in the first post regarding "Is Free-agency Killing Football". These young players and players that's demanding these outrages salaries, but haven't proved squat on the playing field or basketball court. That's what's killing sports, "greed"," no passion for the game", but to only get rich and richer regardless of the teams performance "selfishness".

Yes! Champs been to several pro-bowls..but have you brought to the team as an individual that helped propelled the team to the playoffs? CHAMP....

For instance, the next Lebron James?.....after reading this article, it kinda burns me that these kids just want to get rich without proving themselves at the next higher level of sports. Owners! stop giving these kids all this money and let them earn it by proving themselves...READ this article..The Next Lebron James?

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