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The QB mess


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We are now looking ahead to a long road to respectability, based on the hopelessness of this team at the QB position.

The free agent market sucks, the only good college player is now with the New York Yankees, and our own cupboard is bare.

Amazing when you think where we've gone since the end of the 1998 season. We have Trent Green, but because of the sale of the team we can't sign him. We then pay a ridiculous amount to get Brad Johnson from the Vikings. In that price is the draft pick that becomes Daunte Culpepper. We sign Jeff George the next year. We pass on Dilfer so that we can protect the roster spot through camp for a guy who doesn't even make the team.

So, we end up with Tony Banks, when we very easily could have had any one of 5 decent QBs in the league (and yes, George is decent, and much better than Banks... I'll get rewriting history later).


This operation is just crazy clown, from the beginning to the end, and over effectively 3 different administrations.

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