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CAMP HACKNSLASH --- FREDDY VS JASON - Robert Englund - Ronny Yu - Ken Kirzinger & Sean Cunningham Ruled Hard!

Camp Hacknslash Attendees!!! No matter the color of the stripes of your socks - I want your opinion, photos and memories! E-Harry with whatcha got!

Hey folks, Harry here... Right now... I'm too tired to fully write about this AMAZING event. I've also got a residual HIGH coming off the event. 2 fans brought me a brownie each over the course of the last two films. As a result, MADMAN MARZ and WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER actually felt like the most fun ever... but I know that's the brownies talking... not sure what was in my brownies - but whatever it was, ROCKED HARD! Speaking of rocking hard... FREDDY VS JASON will own your ass! Wherever you are in this world, when that film opens - grab a group of your best horror loving friends and fill that theater. This is old school ass-kicking. For me... the film just started owning my ass as the blood red New Line symbol came up to the tune of the Freddy theme giving way to ch ch ch ch ah ah ah ahhhh... Cool. Overall - hot goth girls, horror girls and film girls in short shorts and slashed apart powder blue shirts.... sigh... And till you see 1000 horror fans in Powder Blue having the time of their lives... man - there will be another CAMP HACKNSLASH... this was AWESOME!

Want CAMP HACKNSLASH STUFF? CLICK HERE! The Art for this came at the last minute - so these items won't be at the event, but if you want them, to remember the event - here they are! ENJOY!

Here ya go with Darth Lebowski!

Just came back from camp HacknSlash

I'm back.. i'm tired but I had one of the best movie going experiences in my life last night/this morning. Just to let all doubters out there know... Freddy Vs Jason is the best Nightmare movie and best Friday movie all rolled in one which includes my personal favorites the dream warriors and Friday the 13th 3D.

I'm a fan of both movie series with Jason being slightly above Freddy in my preference only because he was first. Ronnie Yu made this movie to satisfy every horror geeks desire. To be honest when I first thought of a Freddy vs Jason duel, I wasn't too keen on the idea. But OMG this movie blows away all expectations and some. The blood omg the blood, 3000 gallons of blood Ronnie Yu said he used.

For Jason fans the Rave scene is the ****. For Freddy fans the stoner scene is cool. Fans of either or both will be overjoyed after seeing this movie. This is not just another fun slasher flick like Jason X was.. this was more than that. It was pure action from beginning to end. I didn't even have a chance to breathe. It was like I said the definitive Friday and Nightmare movie all woven together wonderfully well. Sorry can't say who wins. =)

After the movie Robert Englund, Ronnie Yu, and that new Jason guy were there answering questions. Robert was the most charasmatic of the 3. The new jason guy.. he was just happy as hell to be there coming from just being a stunt man. Ronnie Yu was cool as hell too... he knows what we like as horror/slasher film fans.

Besides the kick-ass JvF movie we got to watch one great classic: sleepaway camp. We got to speak with "Ricky" after the movie, no Angela though she was sick. When asked about the obviously intentional homoerotic nature of the film, Ricky(Jonathan his name was) basically said he thought it wasn't homoerotic at all because he knows the director is crazy or something... anyway he kinda avoided the question. I would like a "straight" answer on it one day. He did say filming of the Sleepaway Camp 4 will begin filming in September and both Ricky and Angela will reprise their roles... hey i might watch that one.

Madman: Madman Marz as he's called like to behead or hang people... why he chooses to do either is totally random. I guess it depends on if he has a rope or an axe handy at the time. Good for unintentional laffs but pure crap... this the king of the long drawn out setup for a kill. I mean looong. I slept through one chase scene and still woke up in time to see her get killed.

Hot Wet American Summer: hmm only got to watch about 3/4 of the movie until we got rained out but it wasn't entirely funny. It had some good parts... and the vintage 80s look was definitely there. As well as homages to classic 80s summercamp films. But maybe it was the unreality of it all that pulled me out too often. Anyway, I'm not sure if I even wanna see the last 1/4 of that movie.

As for the camp itself.. it was a blast- dodge ball was the highlight... although sloshball looked like great fun. The Wet Tshirt cotest was going great until some guy went up and had to show off his frank and beans. Which of course caused the camp owners to say "end of contest" pretty quick... too bad because there were some busty bosoms about to be shaken. oh well.

Overall the trip was well worth it and those that went all know they had a great time. If they ever have something like this again... I'm signing up and bringing even more friends!

Darth Lebowski

And now... the Hearse Magnet... Dude, ya gotta watch out for that Tall Man!

Hey Harry,

Thought I'd write in a non-spoiler review of Freddy vs. Jason as well as the Summer Camp we had yesterday. For all those out there who could careless about the camp I'll start with the movie first.

What can I say except HOLY ****! I was one of the biggest worriers that they were going to go cheeseball with a movie like this. The potential to **** it up was obvious...look at the many joke sequels of each franchise. Fortunately Ronnie Yu hit a home run with this one.

Whether you're a Freddy Fan(like myself) or a Jason fan matters not once the movie begins. This thing rocks and rolls from frame one and gets you pumped. What's been missing all these years from our precious horror movies. TITS AND GORE! Here you get both is lethal doses. The carnage in this movie is off the charts and the honeys on screen will have you drooling for more.

New Line Cinema had the promoter lecture us all about revealing anything about the movie ESPECIALLY the ending since we were the first audience to see it. Hopefully all 1000 people that were in attendance will keep theirs mouths shut because this is NOT something you want spoiled. Believe me, I am telling everyone I know how good this was and not one of them will get a clue what the ending holds in store for them. I was beyond impressed with this move and it seemed I was not alone. The crowd was on their feet the moment the credits rolled giving it a standing ovation. That was not the only celebration. Throughout the film people were shouting "holy ****", "oh my god", "no way" and many other phrases tha had us all giggling with delight. I have never seen a crowd so into a movie or a crowd so unafraid to show their emotions during the film.

As my good friend put it, "Best Horror Movie Ever!"

Now the Q&A session afterwards was also very cool. Although in the future let's hope they make the lackies up front sit down so the people in the back can see the stars. Englund, Kirzinger and Yu all seemed to have fun up there as Harry moderated the Q&A. Too many stupid questions got through but one request had everyone rolling thanks to Robert. One girl asked if Robert would say "hi" to her boyfriend who was somewhere in the back. After getting the guy's name Robert yells out the name and then says (in Freddie voice) DIE SLOW *****! Hilarity ensued. Without a doubt the most interesting tidbit of info that came out of the session was that New Line may have a treatment circulating within the studio for a prequel to A Nightmare On Elm Street called "Elm Street: The First Murders". Definite whispers in the crowd after this dropped and Robert himself seemed interested in the project(if it does indeed exist). I think a large box office haul on FVJ may help that along.

Onto the Camp. Man did I ever arrive at this thing in a bad mood. I drive 6 hours from Louisiana with my friends and I get rear ended on the way there by an uninsured ICP fan driving a hearse. Yes a hearse. What are the f'ing odds on getting hit by a hearse on the way to Camp Hacknslash??? Needless to say I was upset. But I signed in, got my shirt nd my socks and the three of us set off to sign up for some activities. There were a slew to choose from and we chose Freddy Glove Making, Dodge Ball & Slosh Ball. The glove making was alright and a good way to kill time but it is not easy making a glove out of one styrofoam plate and some wire.

Dodge ball deserves specific praise. I have never seen such an aggressive game of dodgeball as I did yesterday. Good Lord the ferocity of the people playing was insane. This is what made it a blast. I can't remember having so much fun outside in the heat with strangers as I had then. Defnitely the highlight of the camp activities. Slosh Ball was a kickball game with a keg of beer for 2nd base. You can't move past 2nd without downing a beer. Needless to say more beer drinking was going on than actual kickballing.

What amazed me most of all was the friendliness of everyone we ran into. Yeah there were a couple dicks(try getting 1000 people together and not having assholes) but overall 99% of the people were there to have a good time and they did. It was well worth the drive and the $40 ticket but I could have done without the vehicular accident.

Let's hope people keep their mouths shut and Tim & Harry can get something like this setup again for the next horror flick. But please for the love of all things holy get some better follow up movies Tim. Sleepaway Camp was awful. Madman Marz gave me the opportunity to catch some sleep and Wet Hot American Summer was not enough to make me stay as the rain approached at 4:15 in the morning.

Thank you Harry & Tim and all the people who worked on pulling this together. Truly a day I will never forget and to all you talk backers out there who bashed this thing...YOU MORONS DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU MISSED!

If any of this diatribe gets posted call me: HearseMagnet

And here is Breedlove!

Camp Hacknslash was ****ing awesome

It's 4:30, I just woke up, and I feel like I have a hangover even though I only had one beer last night (a situation that I will remedy any minute now). A friend and I drove in from Houston yesterday for Camphacknslash and stayed until the rain came at the end, and then drove back here, so I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. And I can't remember the last time I felt this good. Hanging out with a thousand like minded individuals in the woods watching and talking about movies, even celebrating movies, was one of the greatest times I've ever had. Just wanted to say thanks for putting it all together and for a great, great ****ing time.

Thanks again,


Next up with a slightly more critical look at the festivities was RP...

Hey Harry.

Now that Camp Hack-n-Slash is said and done, I feel obligated to put my two cents in as well. Unlike my fellow horror contemporaries, this review is far from glowing, but hear me out.

First, the activities. In a word, inane. The only worthwhile event there was dodgeball which was ****ing crazy, but fun as hell. The rest of the activities there weren?t even worth participating in. I saw quite a few people just sitting around chugging beers waiting for Freddy vs. Jason to start. The wet t-shirt contest could have been even better had one dumb**** not decided to drop trou and ruin it for everyone else. Ah well, c?est la vie.

Next, the Midnight Shadow Show can suck my balls (if I had any). The so-called ?trivia contest? was the biggest bunch of bull**** ever. As a hardcore horror fan, I expected that this would be the quintessence of trivia contests considering Freddy vs. Jason was the zenith of franchise horror films. As such I spent the preceding week studying every minute detail in both series only to be terribly let down by Prof. Griffin?s choice of questions. I suppose the worlds of academia and horror don?t mix. Granted Usher?s fire breathing to the tune of ?Living Dead Girl? was very cool and was the Midnight Shadow Show?s only redeeming quality.

The feature presentation of Freddy vs. Jason was the highlight of the night (the Q and A runs a close second) especially with showing the theatrical trailers for the ?Friday the 13th? and ?A Nightmare On Elm Street? movies. The sixth and third installments of both series respectively were conspicuously absent, however. Anyway, Freddy vs. Jason totally blew me away. And I think New Line has stumbled upon a gold mine in director Ronny ?3,000 gallons of blood? Yu. This was the first movie in which it was all frosting and no cake that I?m simply frothing at the mouth to see again. Without giving out too many spoilers, FvJ was basically a conglomeration of both franchises glossed over with a lot of shiny special effects. Seriously, there were numerous moments in the movie that were rip offs of previous ?Nightmare? and ?Friday? movies and it was pretty obvious. But before I tear the movie to shreds, Robert Englund?s performance as Freddy was once again spectacular. It was definitely a more lecherous side of Freddy than we?ve seen before and honestly I?m surprised the MPAA let them get away with as much as they did. As a society, I suppose little is taboo anymore since they played up Freddy?s image as a child molester more than a murderer. As for the ending, I think everyone will be happy with it. But if I ever have to watch any of those horrible twenty-something actors again (with the exception of Katharine Isabelle), I?ll scream. Especially Monica Keena (Lori). She brings shame to the name of scream queen.

The Q and A was a great ending to a (somewhat) great movie. It was surreal to finally see Robert Englund in person as opposed to his silver screen counterpart. And of course everyone who went to Camp Hack-n-Slash will remember when Robert said (ala Freddy), ?Die slow, *****!? to one girl?s boyfriend out in the audience.

All in all, Camp Hack-n-Slash had its ups and downs, but was definitely an unforgettable experience. Sign me RP.

Then here's BNE...

Hey Harry,

Damn what a Blast Camp Hacknslash was, bro. I think I used up most of my day at the Snipe Hunt. I was 1 of the only 2 guys to sign up for it at 3:00 and damn it paid off. What a day! Of course, word seemed to travel fast, so the next 3 or 4 hunts were pretty packed. We (myself and my buddy from the 1st hunt) got to hang around with the counselors and help out a bit with the other hunts. Pretty cool stuff there. The Indian Leg Wrestling event was pretty damn entertaining as well...especially when the females in short shorts got involved, then when they started puting two chics against a big guy, that stuff was gold! And what a lucky guy! Slosh Ball was also a highlight.

Of Course, the best part of it was the screening of Freddy vs. Jason, which blew away anything I've seen the past 4 summers combined! This movie kicked ass on so many levels it was amazing. I had to check my pants a couple of times through it, it was that damn good, everything I'd hoped for and then some! The Wink...you know the one...gave everyone in attendence chills and mad me giggle with excitement! Damn that was a badass movie, then when the special guests came out, I felt the crowd have a simultanious orgasm. Sleepaway Camp was also very entertaining, the whole homo-erotic vibe to it was kinda odd, but still made for a great camp movie. Madman Marz sucked but had some good lines to it, and before the rain Wet Hot American Summer was shibby. I fell asleep in the car afterword and had to pay a $10 camping fee at 7:00 a.m. That kinda pissed me off though, but oh well, spending $100 on a pretty badass day is ok for me! (I bought both me and my friend's ticket, his b-day present!)

Look forward to the next Camp HackneSlash, and I hope that there's another form of Camp sometime soon...maybe with some Kevin Smith Movies or something...Thanks for the great time Harry and everyone else, New Line, Alamo, etc. Great Job and I hope everyone considered it a "raving" success!


and now for Dave Winfrey Jr, who apparently had the time of his life...



I have been a life-long horror movie fan and , just like you, i had been waiting on this since what seems like the dawn of time..

My buddy and myself made a 5-hour drive from SouthEast Tx and it was SOOOO worth it..I would have driven across the country for that day..

I dont care what anyone says about the activities and camp events, every one we particiapated in was AWESOME...mainly the slosh kickball..that keg on second base was genius.

This is the first type of event i have ever been to that inspires me enough to write a letter like this, but i have been so depressed all day because we didnt want that to end..

oh and the movie..you were right..IT TOTALLY OWNED MY ASS..I marked out like i have never before and it fully exceeded my expectations...

we cant thank you enough for putting this together and, as a fan of horror cinema, creepy camps, beer, and hot womenz in short shorts.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Dave Winfrey Jr.

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