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SBC's Offseason Concerns....


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Oline.... it all starts from here. Build it, and they will come.

This position alone takes years to build. It's also obvious that our Oline needs to be blown up. Not to hate on a great coach but, Coach Buges should have been let go years ago. Like, around Coach Gibbs second year back. Everyone talks about how great Samuels is, and personally, he's just ok in my book. Greats are like Ray Brown... one guy can play for 17 years, while the other barely makes 10.... again, just personal opinion.

Again, personally, they should have thrown mad money at Coach Grimm and brought him here. To help with the Oline, and to be second OC. Not sure how well the new Oline coach is, but his credentials doesn't really give me a woody.

QB Coach.... hire Favre, or the guy closely related to him. I don't care if he's a a cook at Jerry's Subs & Pizza's, hire him.

OR, hire Favre when he's ready to coach QB's... this is as close to a sure thing as you will ever get to hiring coaches.

Again, just like the last QB coach, his resume' was weak, and I brought this up on another board like a year or two ago.... and sure enough, he's not with the team no more.

If I were to pick a QB coach for our team, I'd pick the fore mentioned guy, or the QB coach from NO, or Indy. Those guys are hot right now and would be the wise coach for QB Coaches in my book.

LaRon Landry.... that guy was a concern for me before the start of the season, and I was right to be. I hope with a new DC, he'll be a Pro Bowler for us. That's if he hasn't truly lost his job already.

CB's... we can EASILY find a better replacement for Rogers.. he total sucks.

As for the QB.... a position I know best. I wanted us to go for Brees, and for Sanchez (both suggested players were viewed as 'OVERRATED' on another board.) I didn't think so, and again, I was right. Now...

We have a QB by the name of Colt Brennan that I think would be a super star for us.* With the right coaches, and players around him, and if he can ease up on the partying, he'll be our QB for years to come. There's not a single QB in 2010 draft that has me really drooling. If I were to draft a player, it wouldn't be Bradford, or McCoy... it would probably an Oline guy... Oline, Oline, Oline. A big ass Center.

Cuz it don't matter who your QB is or how well the coaches are, if you don't have an Oline, ya don't have squat.

Thoughts... btw, this just in.. Campbell still sucks. :)

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We already have a QB coach, and are you joking? Favre would be the worst QB coach ever lol

"Okay, just throw it as hard as you can at this spot and hope someone comes down with it, or at least it breaks the defender's hand in the process. Oh, you can't throw the ball 100 yards? Well, ****."

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