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Derrick Dockery Rookie Training Camp Diary, July 31


We seem to be getting into the flow of training camp at this point. We had only a morning practice today, and it will be nice to be able to rest up this afternoon.

I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs of the offense. We've been working on some of our goalline packages lately. We actually used a lot of what we learned today in practice. We worked on goalline offense for a good portion of practice.

I continue to try to work on my technique as I learn the offense. My technique slipped a little bit this morning out on the field. Coaches had to correct my technique on more than one occasion. Tre Johnson, who is big like me, has been talking to me about staying fundamentally sound. He told me, 'Hey, you're big, massive guy. You have long arms and great punch against defenders. So stay focused on the little things to make you improve.' It's a big advantage having players like Tre on my side.

Some of the guys got wide receiver Taylor Jacobs tied to the goal post at the end of practice as part of some good-natured hazing. I had to sing "Happy Birthday" to Chris Samuels at dinner the other night. Fred Smoot and some of the other defensive backs were saying they were going to get me to do something physical, but the offensive linemen have said they have my back.

Patrick Ramsey has really started to establish himself as a leader of our offense. This is only his second year, but he acts like a veteran out on the field. He remains calm at all times and he has a great throwing arm. I'm glad we have such a talented, young quarterback to lead our team.


Lot of good stuff reading in between the lines. Dockery accepted by his O-line mates, seems to be a lot of chemistry being built there. TJ taking the hazing like a man, having fun with it. P.Ramsey even impressing the rookies, team leader in his second year. So many positives in this camp then the last several years. Hopefully it will all translate on the field.

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