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SI: How coaches on the hot seat affect players in the locker room


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One would think that there would be a palpable buzz in an NFL locker room before a prime time game on national TV. A heightened sense of anticipation, at the very least. Instead, our locker room was the flattest I had ever encountered in all my years of football, and everyone in there, from coaches to players to the equipment and training staffs, looked as if they had seen a ghost.

They hadn't, of course. All they had seen was the report several hours earlier that our owner, Jerry Jones, had discreetly met with Bill Parcells at an airport the week before. Everyone on that 2002 Dallas Cowboy team already knew head coach Dave Campo was on the hot seat that year. But the news of the secret rendezvous between Jones and Parcells essentially meant Campo's seat was no longer hot. It was burning.

Click on the link to get to the full story.

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Agreed, it could get very ugly, but really, if the team isn't performing well, there's every reason in the world for the team to be down and expect changes.

Unlike the UH Sugar Bowl team, this team is under-performing so the hot seat is probably deserved.

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good find... great article and a part of this whole thing I think is being ignored... when you have an owner as juvenille and fickle as snyder, the morale suffers and with the current state of the franchise, it can't be much better than the washington generals...

coaches too know a coaching change almost always means a staff change and they have to start planning ahead...

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