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Move Campbell to receiver or linebacker (satire)


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OK, so Jason isn't clicking at quarterback. I knew that at the end of the 2007 season, but what do I know.

Contrary to what you might think this isn't a bask thread. I actually happen to like Jason, he is a class act, and even tempered. Does good things off the field and doesn't run dog fighting rings.

Why couldn't we see if he could run those routes more crisply than the current receivers, with the exception of Moss and Cooley. After all he is what 6 foot 5 inches and 240lbs? He's got good hands.... well most of the time that is, when he is fumbling. Or should I say when the ball just jumps out of his grasp. He has some speed, and some good moves.

Or we could try him at linebacker, he seen enough from seeing the opponents of other teams to have a pretty good idea of what a linebacker does. If successful, we can let ORAKPO STAY AT DE TO RUSH THE PASSER.

Finally, we could try him at punt returner...... doh..... there's that slight problem with fumbling again. my bad!! :laugh:

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