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Phillip Daniels' real value.


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Yes he is a bit old. Yes his sack production wont be what it once was. But apart from being a solid player against the run and still providing a pass rush every now and again, he is a team leader. If we had someone like him on offense, we would be much better off. Great quote regarding the Henson situation:

"I think Robert knows he made a mistake," Daniels said. "He's young, and sometimes you say things you don't mean. You're arguing with a person on there, and you don't realize that everybody can see what you're saying, and then things get bad. I've had this happen before, a guy said something about fans when I was in Chicago, I think he said something about the fans and everything went bad for him. But at the same time, I think Robert's young, he ain't played yet, he's got to realize that the fans actually pay your salary. They come to the games, they support us. They just want production. They just want us to put more points on a team like the Rams."
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