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Complete Skins games to trade


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Looking for anyone with complete skins games to trade to fill gaps from recent years. Only interested in Skins wins. Have all of '08 except home vs Eagles. Have all of 06, and 07. Missing Rams and Cards games from '05. Missing most '04 wins. Would trade complete dvd's (with labels and menus - nice) for copies of missings games from 2004-2008.

I also have an enourmous collection of complete game wins from 1982-2003, but only willing to trade those for high-quality complete games from similar seasons to up grade my VHS copies where needed.

Also have old redskins radio (pre Larry Michaels) most games '92 to '03, and a few prior; again only trading for simialr radio tapes 9haven't met anyone with similar collection in many years of searching... oh, well).

PM me if interested in a swap. Would ask for dvd with sample clip and will send same before trades.

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