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FS: 2 tix vs Rams, 50YL Dream Seats, $500


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Any interest? I'm going to this game but I'm only planning on using 2 of my 4 tickets. I'm hoping to sell to some Skins fans, otherwise they'll probably go to 2 people who are neutral on who wins. Sec 21, Row 2. These are pretty sweet for Dream Seats, they're on the 50YL so the view from end zone to end zone is really good. I used these for the NE game and the only time I couldn't see the details of a play was when they threw to the far corner of the end zone. No issue really seeing past the players standing on the sideline as long as you're standing up. Here's an example of the view:


The atmosphere is great with lots of trash talking to the opposing team. $500 is roughly half what I'm paying for them. I can meet up on Saturday to sell them, preferably in the Gaithersburg area, but I'm driving 750 miles to come see the game, so really anywhere is not going to bother me much.

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