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WRE: Bobby Mitchell Comrs to Washington


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Fourth and final part of Mark Newgent's series on the integration of the Washington Redskins.

Part 1: The fight for old DC

Part 2: George Preston Marshall: entrepreneur, racist

Part 3: The integration, segregation, and reintegration of pro-football

Part 4: Bobby Mitchell Comes to Washington

Stewart Udall’s Crusade

In 1955 the Detroit Lions signed their first African-American player, Walt Jenkins. The signing of Jenkins left George Preston Marshall’s Washington Redskins as the only remaining professional football team to exclude African-Americans from its roster, and it would be seven years before they would sign one. It took the efforts of the Kennedy administration—Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall in particular, Washington’s African-American community, and the NFL to force Marshall to integrate.

Click on the above link for the complete article.

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