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We will win this game...

Zen-like Todd

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If someone kidnaps Jimmy Raye at half time. I have never seen such inept play calling in my life. The defense is playing well (even with those two tds), and the special teams is far improved over last year. The Giants know EVERY play we are going to run, and are in perfect position to stop us.

The job of an offensive coordinator is to create mismatches. Jimmy Raye does not understand how to do this. Simple job, and he can't do it.

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Obviously, someone did kidnap Jimmy Raye at halftime smile.gif

I see Jimmy Raye was planning on this all along. He hid Westbrook for 6 1/4 games so that the defense would forget about him, and then when we needed it..... BAM! I honestly give some props to the offensive playcalling in the second half, the very fact that they stayed aggressive was what won this game.

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