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The final from Searle's who kept us entertained with his draft


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Originally posted by chiefhogskin48

Brandies, Alex is a guy from ESPN redskins board, my former 'home'. He is in college and wants to be the next Mel Kiper, so I'm guessing he's not the typical 40 yr old coachpotato draft geek. Though he will be eventually.

Thanks for the information. Thoughtfull and introspective. I feel a poll about draft geeks coming in here, but I think I'll wait a week or two. In terms of "The Heart of Darkness" some of the primitives are restless. Don't want to unsettle the masses. ;)

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while i appreciate the Conrad reference I would have to prefer the "Hear of Darkness" stout from the Magic Hat Brewery. If you dig Guinness you would like it.

anyways, i'll go ahead and include myself as a draft geek. so if a poll doesn't come around I'll make it Searles and Big Al: 1, others: 0. draft rocks! while we might not entertain y'all, we entertain ourselves.

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