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Pats-Bucs in London in 09

redskin faithful

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Looks like the Redskins are staying out of the UK at least for another season.:applause:


LONDON -- The first 70,000 tickets for the NFL's third regular-season game in London have been sold, with 20,000 bought in the first seven minutes of availability, the NFL said Tuesday.

The New England Patriots will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Oct. 25 at Wembley Stadium. The previous two NFL games were also sellouts.

"We have been delighted with the way fans have got behind the game, especially considering the challenging economic climate," NFL UK managing director Alistair Kirkwood said in a statement. "The response is indicative of the must-see nature of our game and the place it has cemented in the UK sports calendar."

In addition to those already sold, more tickets have recently been made available to the public, though the NFL did not say how many. At a later date, fans in New England and Tampa Bay will have a chance to purchase tickets.

The NFL first staged a regular-season game in London in 2007, when the New York Giants beat the Miami Dolphins 13-10. Last year, the New Orleans Saints beat the San Diego Chargers 37-32.

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I'll expect to be kicked off the board for this & beaten by the Faithful but I've got tickets to go & see the game.

I've been to every game at Wembley so far...It's the closest I get to seeing NFL at all so ok it's not the 'skins (I'm praying they'll be here soon though) but to me just being able to see the NFL played at all is an experience & one I'll gladly take anytime I can.

I have been lucky enough to see the Redskins play at Fedex (Bills in December 2007) & I've wanted to experience something like that again ever since but with the costs involved of flights, hotels & tickets it's beyond my means at the moment so this is as close as I'll get for a good few seasons I expect.

And besides when the games are pleayed here it's about the expereience & not the teams so much...I think at last years game there was every single NFL Jersey worn in the stadium no one cared who you supported (I was Sitting in front of some Lions & Cardinals Fan & next to some Cowboys Fans that day) they were just happy to see great football played in the UK.

Right with that said I'm off to put on my flame suit ;)


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