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I am as upset if not more with how we (the skins) are performing. The only positives I see are one defense but there are a lot of negatives all the way around. Let's start with offense

Jason campbell is holding on to the ball too long and also is refusing to throw the ball instead he are taking sacks that cause us to lose yards instead of throwing the ball away when he gets outside of the takle box. I don't think we should get rid of him but allow his contract to play out and give him a second year in the system

As far as the running game we are ok except sellars should get a few more carries here and there he is a heavy load to bring down and can actually move his feet but we need to impove the o-line inorder to improve the team. I can't help to think why we didn't keep derrick dockery I think had we kept him in a situation like last night he could played tackle as he did at texas then we coulda moved rabach to guard as he played with the ravens and the guy who backed up samuels last night coulda played guard.

On to the passing game I don't understand how we draft 3 guys 6'3" or taller (thomas,davis, and kelly) and they cant get in the game at all especially in goaline situations when that is what you brought them here for. if we remember randel el had his best years in the slot and why was that because he had ward (santana) & plaxico (thomas/kelly height wise not ability) on the outsides. Davis can't even outplay yoder you have to be kidding me lol.

On defense as we saw last night they are great until we get tired of bailing out the offense people can complain about taylor and his lack of performance this year but we knew he never played left end before why are we not playing evans on the left and starting taylor on the right and rotate carter for taylor. Montgomery is playing in the middle but he is not a pass rusher neither is griffin look around at the great dts in the league (rodger, hanesworth,jenkins) they not only stop the run but they rush the passer.

Our linebackers r ok but why didn't we try to add depth I like blades but is he really a starter in this league why didn't we bring back a lemar marshall who was familiar with the defense

In the secondary why is springs always injured when we need him the most horton goes down last night and we have to replace him with green who we use in coverage and move landry closer to the line.

What this all boils down to is us needing to find a legitimate GM.

Moves to be made for next season (vinny needs to make these moves)

A backup QB familiar with the west coast offense

A shifty running back since portis has become a power back (he doesn't take it to the house no more)

Find a way to make sure randle el is in the slot next year (kelly should start opposite moss)

Bring in Matt Birk of Minnesota ( I know he is old but he is a pro bowler who's opened wholes for petterson (rabach would go to the bench and fair well because he could play back up guard and center. Get rid of jansen, fabini, and draft a RT and a back up left tackle.

That would provide youth to the o-line

On defense we need to go after hanesworth if tennesee doesn't franchise him and draft a defensive linemen I say we also draft a outside linebacker and cut marcus washington as well as springs because of injuries and resign hall and bring in a servicable vetern corner and safety. That would mean we have only spent off season money on hanesworth and birk won't require a lot of money. If this is done our line up would look like this

QB-jason campbell, west coast offense backup, brennan

HB-portis, sporles, mason (bring him back only has a 1 year deal with jets) cartwright


WR-Moss, Thomas, (vetern west coast offense reciever)

LT-samuels, rookie LT (3rd round)

LG-Kendall, rinehart

C-birk, rabach

RG-thomas, rabach

RT-heyer, rookie RT (4th round)

TE-Chris Cooley, Fred Davis

WR-Kelly, Randle EL


LE-Evans, Rookie 1st round pick

LDT-hanesworth, montgomery

RDT-griffin, golston, alexander

RE-taylor, carter

LOLB- serviceable vet (marshall), rookie 5th rounder

MLB-fletcher, blades

ROLB-mcintosh, rookie 6th rounder, campbell

LCB-hall, servicable vetern

RCB-rogers, smooth

FS-landry, servicable vet

SS-horton, moore

Special teams

Pk-Vanderjet or someone who is cheap but has a good percentage and can make clutch kicks

P-same as pk



We would owe money toward the 2010 cap for releasing these players (but that might be the uncapped year!

Springs, washington, jansen, betts, fabini, collins (new to the system like campbell), yoder, thrash and daniels that would save us atleast about 20 million for this years cap and snyder restructures contracts in the off season with cuz give us more money.

As for the management side

bring in a real GM to show vinny how its done because snyder is not gonna get rid of him.

Bring in an offensive line coach that's familliar with the west coast offense we are running a power running game (gibbs) with a west coast passing game (zorn) we can't blame the player all the time if the coaches ain't on the same page (buges & zorn) and last but not least we need to definately hire an offensive coordinator because zorn has enough work with trying to coach campbell (QB coach) and the team so we need a o-coordinator that knows the west coast offense

I still believe there's hope for this organization but everyone has to do their parts.

Now I will sit back and wait for the backlash/negativity and sorry for the typos but I am typing from my G1 and not a cpu.

I know its a long post but read it first please before commenting:helmet::dallasuck:eaglesuck:gaintsuck

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