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Last Nights Game showed how bad Vinny is


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Watching the game and looking at the draft shows he has no business making any kind of decisions. We drafted 2 wr and a TE in the 2nd round. First off, theres not enough balls to go around. we already have a pro bowl TE in Cooley so Davis is a wasted pick. And we Don't need both kelly and Thomas when we have so many other needs. When you have moss cooley and portis already, drafting 3 offensive skill players makes no sense!! we need to rebuild our Lines, yet vinny never does!!

He claims its best to draft on best available player...thats idiotic!! if you the patriots, fine then you can but we get ZERO pressure and we can't give our QB any time. I would have rather drafted a lb or corner, because springs and washington miss about 8 games a season.

Then he makes a terrible trade for a bum in Jason Taylor. they guy sucks!!! and we give up a 2nd and a 5th for the bum!! why does he have a job!!!! wtf!!!

I really hope we fire greg blatch...this guy sucks balls. he is a *****. NEVER ****ING BLITZES. pathetic. we need to get a young D-Cord with some ideas. id be open to even switching to a 3-4.

sorry for the rant, but we are flawed at the most important positions and its pathetic that everyone in the world can see it except the person whose job it is to fix. PLEASE DAN SNYDER FIRE VINNY...HE SUCKS!!

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I agree totally about getting rid of Vinny!!! I have always thought he was awful at scouting talent. However, Dan will never get rid of him because they are best friends and he would no longer have anyone to play raquetball with.

Danny is certainly willing to fire coaches (Except for Gibbs because he idolized him) if they didn't do their job. But time and time again he give Vinny the benefit of the doubt.

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