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Zorn...Let's Get Creative!


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I was reading JLC's blog:


And this quote made me think:

Privately, some players are chafing at this; some believe there could be more wrinkles, unpredictability and creativity in the approach. Some feel the offense has become static, and, when I pestered Zorn about adding more gadgets and gimmicks to help provide the big-play element, he conceded that there could be validity to that. In a pinch, here are there, perhaps a smidge more of that could help.

"I think that's a good suggestion," Zorn said.

Running some more trick plays could help provide that offensive spark we need.

You see teams having success running gadget/gimmicks. Baltimore had Mark Clayton throw a HUGE TD pass Sunday, New Orleans uses reverses/flea flickers/RB passes all the time, Miami is having success running the Wildcat, we've seen Philly and Dallas both have success with some of these plays.

We have the personnel on our team to have success running more trick plays and if you look at the season, we've mostly had success running them.

This past Sunday our only score came on a double-reverse to Devin Thomas and later on Randle-El threw a pass for 17 yards.

Things like this make an offense that is still developing harder to defend.

Randle-El has an 80 percent completion rate and a 153.1 lifetime QB rating. Remember the Philly game? His TD to Cooley got us that game back.

We know CP can throw a nice TD pass.

Most of our receivers have the speed and agility to run and grab chunks of yards on a reverse.

I don't know, it just seems like we need to use anything we can to get a spark offensively and that reverse against the Giants was the only positive I saw offensively against the Giants.

We need to get more creative on offense. I know Zorn is a little stubborn and dedicated to his system but while we're still learning let's throw a monkey wrench in there for opposing defenses. I'd really like to see Zorn approach the game like Sean Payton does, using every trick in the book. From simple stretch runs to 5 WR deep passes to RB throws.

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