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Week Seven Football Outsider NFL Playoff Odds: Redskins at 71.8%

Zen-like Todd

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Every week Football Outsiders produces a listing of each team's odds of making the playoffs. It weights the teams performance against the strength of opponents, and that of the remaining schedule. As of Week 7, the Redskins are predicted to have a 71.8% chance of making the playoffs. Interestingly, they also predict Dallas to have only a 10.7% chance of making the playoffs.


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That is interesting. We will go to the playoffs if we at least come in 2nd in the division. Let's just hope Philly doesn't start peaking and we start choking! We could possibly still make it if we come in 3rd, but Carolina would need to start losing. Still a lot of football left, so it should be interesting. I am really hoping we win the division. Can you say home playoff game baby!!! :laugh:


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