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Appreciation for our New Coaches


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It goes without saying that Jim Zorn is doing a masterful job on his journey to becoming a good Head Coach, along with the extra duties of serving as the Redskins Offensive Coordinator as well. When all of the experts said he couldn't succeed wearing both hats, he has shut all of his early critics mouths. He may still be learning, but this is on the job training at it's best! Here's Three Cheers for you Jim:

Hip! Hip! :point2sky Hip! Hip! :point2sky Hip! Hip! :point2sky

Now I'd like to bring attention to another coach that has been doing an outstanding job as well. This coach isn't learning on the job, but he's making things much easier for the coach that is. I'm talking about the Redskins new Defensive Coordinator, Greg Blache. Congratulations Greg, for keeping a tight lid on some of the NFL's highest powered offenses that your defense has battled so far this season, and not once were we ever out of a game! Our offense may not have been ready for the Giants in week one, but we'll be waiting on them when they come to our place. In the mean time, here's Three Cheers for you Greg:

Hip! Hip :point2sky Hip! Hip! :point2sky Hip! Hip! :point2sky

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