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TennesseeCarl, the guy is a no show with


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the autographed ball, as you last recall it had the 1966 team on it, but each and everytime I am ready to do a photo shoot, our timings off between us. He's decided to wait until a weekend, a Saturday, and that should do it. Otherwise, I will revert to doing what I avoided with the guys I hung out with around Lincoln Park, Constitution Ave area--

Steal it!!! evil.gifbiggrin.giflaugh.gif

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You will post the photo, won't you? I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Don't think of it as stealing...it's more in the nature of liberating an artifact. smile.gif

How does one post a photo on this board? I've got a matchbook cover advertising a D.C. dry cleaner. It has the Redskins schedule on it with a featured player (Frank Flitch****). It's from the 1941 season.

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