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Need help identifying a song they play at FedEx

Lar0n Landry

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I'm guessing it's by T-pain or someone that uses the vocoder. The only part I remember is the chorus and all they do is keep repeating "We Ready" or "We here" or something like that...

I know it's a horrible description but it's the best I can do. I remember the song got me pumped and I want to get it on my Ipod for when i workout.

Anyone know what song I'm talking about?


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Is this the song you're talking about? It's not T-Pain if so.


no that's not it. Like I said, the chorus has someone that's using one of those vocoders like T-pain would use... thanks though. And I youtube'd "Lil wayne we ready" and nothing came up besides a freestyle over the Bubba Spaxx-we ready song.

Also I'm not 100% sure that they say "We Ready" in the chorus but it's deffinately "We" something....

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