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Game Time Power Rankings Week 6


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Redskins offense VS Rams defense - If you break it down player for player the Redskins power running game against a horrible Rams front 7 will all comedown to execution. The redskins should control the LOS all game, Rams defense 28th both run and pass :silly:. The 3 back system of the Redskins can have success Portis accounted for 145 of Washington's 204 rushing yards in a 23-17 win over Philadelphia. The Redskins line plays at a probowl level, this unit can block run / pass situations dominating the LOS. The Rams cant afford to blitz, thier packages lack talent using traditional 4-3 / cover 2 defense. The Rams defense is horrible, the Redskins will keep Portis fresh by getting Sellers and Betts involved. The Redskins run game will take pressure off the passing attack who are talented enough to impact the game and should continue showing signs of progress with Zorns WCO.

Last weeks bright spots - The offense is heading in the right direction wanting to focus on the run game setting up the playaction pass attack, I expect this to improve with time the plays in WCO allow multiple pass catchers to be open allowing the QB options to get rid of the ball. Zorn has a nice mix of run to balance things out

Rams offense VS Redskins defense - If you break it down player for player the Redskins front 7 can get after the troubled Rams offense. The Redskins front 4 have a good mix / rotation. (Marcus W - out) LB corp has to step up and appears to be doing a solid job 9th in run defense. Bulger and Saunders will probably try and open up the offense. New Head Coach RB S Jackson is the focul point of the Rams offense. During a lossing effort - 24 attempt for 110 yards and 5 rec 78 yards. The redskins defense will show more zone packages to keep that offense off balance and stop the run to make them one dimensional.

Last weeks bright spots - ST's needs work but the defense overall is solid. Once we get healthy Blache will keep guys hungry to perform at a high level.

Redskins VS Rams - the redskins will grind it out for the Victory 34-6 :ramsuck:

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